Apple Will Lose

Posted on Sep 3, 2012

As more and more sad details surface about Apple’s legal crusade, I keep thinking why I’m using the iPhone and don’t just switch to an Android.

Yeah, it’s not as good still, and I always told myself I’ll get an Android phone eventually, when they’re good enough.

But then it hit me:

It doesn’t matter. Apple is not going to lose only because eventually its customers will switch to the competitors’ products. Apple is going to lose because eventually its own employees, the people that make it the greatest company in the world, will leave.

Apple is the personal creation of a great man. Perhaps the greatest man of our time. But as such, Apple also has in it the seed of its own destruction. In it’s insatiable desire to being the greatest there’s also the insatiable desire to be worshiped and acknowledged as the greatest.

It’s not enough to win, to sell the most phones, tablets and laptops. It’s not enough to be the most valuable company in the world. Apple also wanted its competitors to bow before it, admit that Apple invented and created everything that’s good in the world, and commit a elaborate suicide ritual at Apple’s feet.

And when I say “Apple”, I mean “Steve”.